behind the viewfinder

as a viewer, you always see the finished product; the fully edited shot, the final cut of a video, etc. what you don't see is the story of how it was manifested. to me, one of the most intriguing aspects of life is the power of our mind; specifically, its ability to retain memories when we aren't actively trying to remember them. it baffles me how an important event can occur in one's life and later on you can vividly recollect everything that preceded that moment, even hours ahead of its occurrence. on this page, i want to walk you through the events that lead to some of the most important pictures i've ever taken. i intend to give some insight as to how my brain works while shooting and provide a background to the post-processing behind each shot. this isn't a blog; i don't really like blogs. think of this as "story time with andrew"...or just a bunch of stupid anecdotes and nerdy rants filled with humor and a sad description of my obsessive behavior.

the bucket shot
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